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Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Two Phase Orthodontic treatment involves an initial stage of orthodontic care that maximizes the opportunities offered by growth and development in young children. The first phase of treatment paves the way for the second stage of orthodontic care to refine and perfect the alignment of the jaws and teeth.

With two phase orthodontic treatment, we can achieve a well-aligned and attractive smile, harmonious jaw relationships, a healthy functional bite, and the most stable results in care.

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What if I decide to wait until my child is older or all the permanent teeth come into place?

The benefits of early intervention and two phases of care cannot be overstated. While orthodontic care may be provided at any age, it’s generally most effective when growth and development are leveraged to a child’s advantage. Delaying treatment can make care more complex and invasive, down the road.

What happens during Phase One?

While we may follow select dental alignment and jaw growth issues for a few years until the time is right, an initial or first phase of care often facilitates the best results.

The objectives of Phase One orthodontic care are to influence jaw growth, create more space for crowded teeth, help correct harmful habits, and improve facial aesthetics. This initial phase can decrease the likelihood of dental impactions and lessen the need for extractions of permanent teeth. Phase One treatment also simplifies the next stage of orthodontic care.

How Phase One can set the stage for better results of care:

  • Prevent the development of more complex issues involving dental alignment and discrepancies in jaw growth, and simplify the next phase of orthodontic care
  • Maintain space to prevent the impaction of permanent teeth
  • Preserve and develop space for the erupting permanent teeth, thereby reducing the need for extractions
  • Diminish the risk of injury to protruding front teeth by initiating care to move them back into a healthier, more protected position 
  • Address an unhealthy crossbite that may affect jaw development and function
  • Controlling harmful oral habits that can open or distort the bite and cause other problems
  • Improving the appearance of your child’s smile and self-image

About the break or resting period between Phase One and Phase Two

Once the goals for Phase One have been accomplished, the stage is set for the permanent teeth to come into improved alignment and a better bite. At this point, your child will be given a break from active care and placed on observation until it’s time to begin the second phase of treatment.

During this resting break, we'll closely monitor your child’s continued growth and development and advise you when and if any treatment is advised or the second phase is set to begin. 

Phase Two: Final Aligning And Refining

Phase two involves the final alignment of the teeth and the bite. Typically complete appliances are placed on the upper and lower teeth to move them into their correct positions and harmonious relationships. Phase two aims to achieve ideal aesthetics, healthy function, and stable results of care. 

Evaluating and monitoring your child for the best results of care

Prior to and during both phases of orthodontic treatment, diagnostic records are taken to help develop the most appropriate treatment plan as well as monitor development and the progress of care.

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